How do I create an email template?

You have the ability to create an email template in which has a pre-existing information already within the email that you can use when sending to members.

1. Click the CREATE button from the page you are on.

2. Select EMAIL TEMPLATE from the list of options.

Or click the arrow against Memberships, and click on Communications.

3. Under the Settings tab, select Create Email Template.

4. Input the Email Template Name - this is the name of the template that will only be shown internally so you know what this email template is about, when you go to email members.

5. Input the Subject- this is the subject line that will appear as the ''title'' when this email is sent to members.

6. Input a descrption if you wish- this is not compulsory and will only show internally - this is basically used if you need extra information about what/who this email template is for.

7. Input the your information as Message Plain Text or Message Rich Text - this is the information that members will see in the email. 

  • Message Plain Text doesn't support bold, italic, colored fonts, or other text formats. It also doesn't support pictures that are displayed directly in the message body. Users sometimes put information is as plain text as some email accounts do not allow for fancy fonts and formatting.
  • Message Rich Text allows you to inout fancy fonts and formatting, like bolds, italics, etc. 

NOTE: currently we do not have the functionality to upload images or documents to templates. Our team is looking at allowing this in future.

8. Once happy, click Save.


Follow the steps listed in sending an email to members.

Select the email template you created from the left hand side which will then populate the email based on the template, then continue through with the steps.