Dashboard: Appearance / General Website Settings

Under the 'Your Website Features' menu admins have the ability to set up the colours and display of the website.

You can also apply a re-directed home page for your site. Get in touch with us to help you implement if needed.


This is the title of the website that will appear when searching via a search engine within a web browser as well as appear as the tab name in a browser.


This is the logo that will appear in the top left hand corner of the website along the header.

Recommended max width is 300px. Max height should be 100px. If you have a square logo make it 100x100 and it will be centered within the logo display area on your site.


Here you set the background, button and text colours that will appear throughout your website. It will be best to make sure the colours you use contrast each other to give your website the best display. You can use a contrast checker to check the colours you want to use will work with each other.

The Background Colour applies to the header and footer of your website, and the Text Colour applies to the text within the header and footer - so they will need to contrast. SImilarly the Button Colour and Button Text will need to contrast.


If your organisation has it's own colours, customisations etc it wishes to have you can input this custom CSS here. Get in touch with us if you want to apply some css here.