How do I register multiple people?

1. Log into the registration form with your account details.

2. Click new participant. 

3. Follow the prompts and input the information related to this first member.

4. On the Summary page, click the register another person button.

5. This will take you back to the participant page. Select new participant.

  • You will see the first member you input information for appears as added, this member will be included when completing the registration.

6. Follow the prompts to input information for your next member.

7. Repeat the above for any other members needing to be registered.

8. Once you have input the information for all your members, on the Summary page, all members will appear with the products they need to purchased.

9. Once happy, click proceed the payment and follow the prompts.

10. A summary page will appear once registration has been completed. You will also receive a sucessful registration email and payment invoice for all members registered.

11. You have now register all your members to the club.