How do I register multiple people?

With GameDay's registration platform, registrants can choose to register multiple members in one registration and group each member within their own GameDay account, which can be accessed again for subsequent registrations or season renewals.

For example, a parent registering two children can: 

  • Create one GameDay account using a unique email address, which they can then use to submit any registration details or fees for both children in one seamless registration process. 
  • When the time comes to re-register the children for the following season, the parent can simply log in to a GameDay registration form using the same email address and password, and choose each child's name from their Linked Participants list to renew their registration.

This can be done by following the steps below:

1. On the front page of the registration form you wish to register through, click the SIGN UP button.

Note: If you already have a GameDay account, enter your credentials and click LOGIN, or reset your password using the FORGOT? button

2. Select New Participant, then click NEXT

3. Follow the prompts and enter the information applicable to your first member.

4. On the Summary page, click the REGISTER ANOTHER PERSON button.

5. This will take you back to the beginning of the registration form to complete the details for your next registration. Click the New Participant option again, then select NEXT

Note: You will see the first member appear as ADDED. This does not mean the member has been registered yet, rather, their details will be held on the registration form until the details for all necessary registrations have been completed.

6. Repeat the registration process until you reach the Summary page. If you need to register more members, continue using the Register Another Person button until all members have had their details added to the registration

7. Once you have completed the registration for all necessary members, select a payment method, click Proceed to Payment, and complete your registration payment.

Note: Members who reach the payment processing page and leave their order unpaid will receive two follow-up emails (1 hour and 72 hours after the order was created) as a reminder to complete the checkout process.

8. When you next login to a GameDay registration form, your previously registered members will appear as Linked Participants that can be selected for re-registration.