What information do I need to successfully integrate ECAL into my GameDay website?

NOTE: this only applies to those organisation that use our GameDay events module and have a GameDay hosted website. See further down for those that have third party websites.

After creating events within your GameDay database our website allows you to easily integrate your events. The information you need to be able to add these events into your website are outlined below.

1. Log into your organisation and click the drop down arrow against EVENTS and click against MANAGE EVENTS.

2. Click into the ECAL WIDGETS tab.

3. Displayed here and the three different types of views that this calendar can be displayed as, click VIEW against the relevant widget you wish to use.

NOTE: GameDay websites only allow a Carousel or Column event display.

4. On the WEBSITE tab, this is where you can copy the codes to insert into your website.

Unlike external websites your GameDay website only needs a specifc set of code in order to be easily integrated.


Steps 1-4 will remain the same, however when integrating into your external website, you will need to copy and paste the whole code from box 1 into the HEAD OF YOUR WEBSITE, and then copy and past the whole code from box 2 into the page etc of where you want your events to display. Please contact your IT contact or website hosting provider if you are unsure how to do this- as your website is not with GameDay we cannot assist with this as we don't have access to your website.

5. The information you need can be found within the second box of this display.

6. You will need to copy and note down the following:

  • API Key
  • Widget ID

7. You can now add this ECAL widget to your ECAL Event Panel in your website.