Participants | FAQs

How can I register for my club/centre/association through GameDay?

Whilst GameDay provides the registration and membership platform for various sports organisations, it is up to the organisation itself to provide and publish their registration forms for participants to register as members. If you have any questions about your club, centre, or association's registration process - including how to find their registration form or sign-up process - please contact the organisation directly, as GameDay does not manage this process directly.

How do I login to GameDay as a member?

GameDay does not currently support a dedicated member portal through which to manage details, payments, view registration history, and similar functions, however, we are working on launching this in the near future. Be sure to sign up for GameDay Community to keep up to date with product updates.

What's the difference between GameDay and GameDay Passport?

GameDay and GameDay Passport are separate products that are designed for different purposes and markets. GameDay is our flagship membership and event management platform, whilst GameDay Passport is a competition and program management platform. If you are unsure which platform your sport uses, please contact your local sporting organisation or governing body directly.