Website Header - Main Header

Once you are logged into your website, scroll down to the Header section. Select this section to expand it.

Before proceeding, ensure you have setup at least one menu. For help with setting up menus click here. 

Navigation Menu

Select which menu will display in your main website header by choosing it from the drop-down menu under Navigation Menu. This menu will display on all pages of your website. 

Activate Secondary Menu

To display a second menu underneath your main website header, toggle the switch to Yes. This will activate a smaller secondary menu under the main navigation menu.

Secondary Menu

Select the drop-down box to choose which menu you would like to display for your secondary menu.  

Header Sponsor Link

If you would like to the second logo on your website header to take users to another website link, insert the link to the website here.

Header Sponsor Image

If you would like to display a second logo on your website header such as a sponsor logo, click the Add Image button.
This will display on the right-hand side of your website header. This image should be 100px wide by 100px high.