GameDay / Stack Commerce Website FAQ's

How do I add an admin to my website?

Instructions on how to add an extra admin to your website can be found here.

How do I add Google Analytics to my website?

If you wish to add Google Analytics to your website, you will need to create this tracker first and make note of the code and then email our support team with this tracking code, who can add this to your website.

My social media/video feed is not displaying recent posts?

If your social media feed or video feed is not updating to display the most recent posts then this may mean your feed within Juicer is not updated to reflect the changes, so log into your Juicer account and make this change - if you cannot see how to do this, contact Juicer directly and they can assist.  As GameDay / Stack Commerce just feed this data from the Juicer site we cannot affect how often these posts update.

What is the current upload maximum for files?

The current maximum upload type is 50MB.

Can I increase the upload maximum for the media library?

Yes this can be done however the more we increase the max upload limit the reduced the speed on how fast the website and pages load so if you have only one or two files that need to be uploaded that are over the max it will be best to upload to an open drive or similar and then link that. If you wish to increase the max, please email our support team.

What type of files can be uploaded to the media?

Pretty much most files types can be uploaded to your website, this includes JPEG, PNG, videos, GIFs, PDFS, Word Documents, Excels etc.

Can we integrate our competition management platform into the website?

If your organisation doesn't currently use our competition management platform, Passport - e.g you use PlayHQ - there is no way to integrate this into the match centre widget within our websites. The only option is to create a page that links to this website and make it visible on your website.