Call To Action Tiles (CTA)

NOTE: This add on has to be enabled for your organisation. To check if this is available for your website, check Your Website Features / GameDay Dashboard.

Call To Actions (CTA's) are text or image boxes that allow you to display links, texts and images within a text box where you can link to specific pages, list specific information etc related to your website. Typically CTA's are used to encourage common or promotional actions to be taken by the user.

Eg - CTA's can be links to online shops, more information, links to photos and videos, links to external websites etc. 

It is best that no more than six tiles are displayed here as any more will mean the that page panel will not display smoothly. Four tiles may be optimal.

1. Under the SECTIONS header click on the CTA tab.

2. If this panel is not set to show on your website yet, then make sure you click the button to SHOW this widget on your website and adjust the order of where you would like this to sit within your website.

3. You can also add a specific backgound colour for this panel or even an image.

4. Click ADD CTA to add the first tile.

5. You need to select whether you want a TEXT or IMAGE type display for the tile. Depending on this, it will display different sections to fill out.


  • Input a title for this tile.
  • Input a short description for this title within the content section.
  • Insert the website link to where this tile will lead to.


  • Insert the image needed for this tile - will be best if it had wording related to what this will link to.
  • Insert the website link to where this tile will lead to.

6. Repeat for any other CTA tiles you wish to have.

7. Once done, click UPDATE at the top of the webpage.