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Member List

I have multiple records of the same member; can I merge these members?

Currently, there is no duplicate resolution function in GameDay. This function is on our Product Roadmap to be built and released over the coming months.

What do the different member statuses mean?

After a registration has been completed by a member, the member record is assigned a status based on the products purchased, as defined below:

Inactive: The product purchased by the member has expired, or no product has been purchased.

Active: The member is currently registered with an active product.

Pending Active: The member is not yet active as the effective date of the product has not yet passed.

Member Records

What's the difference between an Account Email and a Contact Email?

An Account Email is the email address that was used to sign up for the GameDay account upon registration. This is the email address that is then used to login to registration forms in future and will allow the account owner to register any existing members linked to that account. This can be found in the top right-hand corner of a member record in GameDay.

A Contact Email is the email address given upon registration for each individual member, and is used as the default email address when GameDay administrators send communications through GameDay. This can be found in the 'Email' field when editing a member record in GameDay.

For example, a parent may use their email to sign up for a GameDay account in order to register multiple children, however they may want one or more of those children to receive communications to their own email address, so in theory, the Account Email and an individual member's Contact Email can be different email addresses.

What size does a member’s profile image or photo have to be?

The recommended image size is 200px by 200px and the file should be no larger than 3MB.

Which document formats are accepted?

Uploaded documents can be in PDF, JPG, or PNG formats only.

What is the maximum size a document can be?

The maximum file size is no more than 5MB.

What types of documents can be uploaded for a Member?

The types of documents that can be uploaded are:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • License
  • Medical documents
  • Certification
  • Qualification
  • Other

Is there a limit on how many documents can be uploaded to a member's record?

There is no limit to how many documents you can upload; however, we recommend only uploading the necessary documents and deleting old ones (from previous seasons or years) that are no longer needed to ensure the most recent documents are stored.

Why can’t I view or edit a Member Note?

If you are unable to view or edit a member note, this may mean that the organisation that added the note has set this permission to only be viewed at their level and not a higher or lower level, so please speak to the organisation directly and they can change the permission or explain why it is set that way.

Is there a limit on how many characters can be used in a Member Note?

There is no character limit when entering a member note; however, there is a limit of 30 characters for the note title.

Can members add notes within a registration form?

No, Member Notes are designed as an admin process if a GameDay administrator needs to add custom information to a member's record. If you want a member to add specific information about themselves, they can do this within the form; it is best to create a Question for this, which is stored against the member record once answered.

Can I report on Member Notes?

At the moment, member notes can only be seen within the member profile and are not yet reported on.

What does editable or viewable by ‘Only this Organisation’ mean when adding a Member Note?

When an administrator uploads a note or document to a member's profile, if it is set to be editable or viewable by ‘This Organisation Only’, it means that only the organisation that added the Member Note can view, edit, or delete it.

What does editable or viewable by ‘Any Organisation in the Hierarchy’ mean?

When an administrator uploads a member note or document to a member's profile, if it is set to be editable or viewable by ‘Any Organisation in the Hierarchy’, it means that any organisation in the hierarchy can view, edit, or delete the note that was added.

What are the different Order statuses?

In the Finances > Orders menu, you may see different statuses for certain orders. Below is a definition for each different Order Status that appears within GameDay:

Unpaid: The member did not complete the payment before completing the registration.

Paid: The member has paid for the registration. This can occur either online via a registration form payment or as a manual payment applied by administrators in the GameDay database.

Refunded: The fee paid for the registration has been fully refunded.

Partial Refund: The fee paid for the registration has been partially refunded (only some of the order items were refunded).

Cancelled: An unpaid order was cancelled and is not linked to the member anymore.

Member Registrations

How do I reset my password for my account?

If you need to reset your password for your GameDay admin access, click here and click ‘Forgot?’ next to the password field.

If you need to reset your password for a registration form, click ‘Forgot?’ next to the password field on the relevant registration form.

Can I use the same email address for my admin access as well as for my account when registering?

Yes, you will just need to ensure you have been granted access to the relevant organisation as an administrator using the same email as your GameDay account (and vice versa).

If you have admin access already, you will need to go into the registration form and create an account using the same email address. If you have an account for the registration form already, you will need to contact someone from your club who can grant you admin access to GameDay.

After registering, why has a $1.00 transaction been deducted from my account? 

Our payment gateway may verify a new credit card by processing a $1 authorisation and then automatically voiding it. For most processors, transactions are initially tried with a $0 authorisation. If $0 authorisations are not supported, a $1 authorisation will be performed automatically.

In any instance where a $1.00 authorisation returns a successful result, we immediately follow up with an automatic void request to ensure that the transaction does not settle and that it disappears from the cardholder's statement as soon as possible.

Note: Some banks don't recognise void requests immediately. It's possible that after the void is issued, your customer will still see the pending charge. If this happens, have your customer call their bank; the bank should be able to see the void request and update your customer's bank statement accordingly.

How do I pay for a product offline?

If you are a user and do not have the ability to pay online, you will need to contact your organisation directly, who can process a payment for you over the phone.


What happens to financial statuses when members are transferred?

If a member is being transferred between two different organisations within the same hierarchy (i.e., they share the same state or association), the state/association financial status will remain active against the member's record.

Why am I unable to request a Clearance?

If you are unable to request a clearance for a member, this may mean that there is already an active clearance in progress.

If there is no clearance currently in progress for a member but you are still unable to request it, please check that the member’s name and DOB match exactly what you are entering.

Who receives notification of Clearance updates?

Only the member, the primary contact of an organisation and the admin that interacts with the clearance in GameDay will receive clearance notifications, including:

  1. Notification when clearance is requested

  2. Notification when the clearance is approved

  3. Notification when the clearance is rejected


Can I see which email recipients have seen or opened my email?

Currently, emails sent through GameDay do not record whether recipients have seen or opened them. We do, however, offer an integration with Mailchimp, which is a comprehensive EDM communication platform with this functionality - Learn More

Can I personalise my email communications?

Yes, when you are creating or editing an Email Template, you can use the Mentions feature to add a First Name or Last Name tag, so that the email that is sent out is able to include the member's name within the email's content

Member IDs

Where can I view a member's ID?

Member IDs can be viewed within a member record, and can be found in the Advanced Member Report.

Can I see previous IDs for a member?

Yes, you can view a member's previous ID history (if they have one) via their member record using the View Historical IDs button.

Can I manually change a Member ID for an individual member?

Yes! You first need to wait until their automatic Member ID has been generated, then you can go into their Member Record and update their Member ID as needed. Click here for more information on updating Member IDs manually.

If another member already has the ID that you want to assign, then you will need to search for and find the other member first, change their member number to something different, and then go back to your original member and update the ID.

Pending Registrations

How do Pending Registrations work?

Pending registrations allow you to set up specific Member Types on a Membership Form so that members registering into them are placed in a 'pending' status, allowing administrators to approve or deny their registration.

We would like to use Pending Registrations, are we able to do this?

Pending registrations are enabled based on the requirements of the national body for your sport, so unless the national body has enabled pending registrations, your organisation will be unable to use this feature. To confirm if you have the ability to process pending registrations, please contact the governing body for your sport.

Our organisation uses a shared Membership Form to register members, but it is not set to be able to take Pending Registrations, are we able to change this?

If your organisation uses a Membership Form that has been shared from a higher level that does not have pending registrations enabled, this cannot be changed at lower levels.

Our governing body has enabled Pending Registrations. Can my organisation create a form with this feature?

If your governing body has enabled Pending Registrations and your organisation is not using a shared Membership Form to register members, then you are able to enable Pending Registrations as part of your form.

For information on how to create pending registration forms, please click here.

When a pending member is approved or declined, do they receive a confirmation email?

Yes. When a user is approved, they will receive a successful registration email confirming they are now an active member. When a member is declined, they will receive a decline email to advise them to contact their organisation for more information.


Can I apply a different validity length for two different members on the same accreditation?

Yes, whilst the default validity length of the Accreditation is fixed, you can edit an individual's accreditation expiry date if you so choose by following the steps below:

Members > Members > View the Member > Accreditations > Edit the Accreditation > Change the Expiry Date > Update

Can I upload a document as part of the accreditation verification process?

Yes, you can add a document and mark it as being verified on the Accreditations tab when viewing a member's record

Will members receive a notification when their accreditation is about to expire?

Yes, members will receive three automatic notifications when they are approaching the expiry date of their accreditation. These will be sent:

  • 90 days before expiry
  • 30 days before expiry
  • 7 days before expiry

Can I pull a report to track expiring accreditations?

Yes, you can run a tabular report which tracks any Accreditations in your database, including the expiry date associated with each accreditation record. This can be found through the steps below:

Reports > Tabular Reports > View the Accreditation Report

You can also export your Members by Accreditation list, found in the Members > Accreditations section of the database

Can I back-date a member's accreditation start date?

Yes, whilst each member's accreditation will have an expiry date automatically assigned based on the accreditations Default Length of Validity, you can manually change a member's accreditation expiry through the steps below:

Members > Members > View Member > Accreditations > Edit the Accreditation record > Modify the Expiry Date > Update