How do I enter bank details?

GameDay's registration and payments functionality allows orders to be processed directly through your organisation database using Membership or Event forms, then settled into a nominated bank account on a weekly basis. 

Follow the instructions below to enter your nominated bank account into GameDay to ensure registration funds are able to be settled directly to your organisation.

Note: Only administrators with the TREASURER role will be able to add or edit bank account details. Click here for instructions on how to manage administrator access to your organisation.

1. From your GameDay Dashboard, click Finances > FINANCIAL SETTINGS on the left-hand menu:

2. From the Bank Details tab, click ADD BANK ACCOUNT

3. Enter all the required information and click SAVE

Note: Only one bank account can be the Default Bank Account. By ticking the Is Default Bank Account checkbox, funds will be settled to that bank account automatically.

Currency Validation

Depending on the currency your organisation uses, the fields available when adding a bank account may differ from the above. Please see below for more information on the validation fields used for different currencies.


Note: For New Zealand users, the Account Number should consist of a 2-digit Bank Number, 4-digit Branch Number, 7-digit Account Number and 2 or 3-digit Account Suffix