How do I enter bank details?

NOTE:  bank details can be updated only by individuals who have the role of Treasurer.

1. Hover over My Organisation, over click Financial Settings.

2. From the Bank Details tab click Add Bank Account.

3. Enter all the required information and click Save.

NOTE:  Only 1 bank account can be the default one. All other bank accounts can be additional. If you tick the default bank account checkbox on any other bank account details this will override the existing default one.

NOTE: the account name must have no special characters.

Things to know regarding bank account details:

  • You can add more than one bank account:
    • When a bank account is assgined as the DEAFULT BANK ACCOUNT - once these details have been entered, these cannot be changed (they will be greyed out) so you will need to add a new bank account in with the new/correct details and set that as the new deafult bank account instead.
    • If the bank account is not assigned as the default bank account, these details can be changed as needed.
  • If you untick the ''deafult bank account'' check box against a bank account at any time, it will ''expire'' this bank account, so you won't be able to update any information on that existing one and you will need to add new bank details.

To edit a bank account at any time, click the drop down arrow against the bank account name and click EDIT. Once changes have been made, click SAVE.