Dashboard: Website Tiers & Add Ons

Once logged in, the home Stack Commerce Website Setup Dashboard will display information about your tier of website as well as the variety of add ons active and inactive for your website. Look within the 'Your Website Features'.

Our older websites have three tier options to suit the needs of your organisation and budget. Each tier features our user friendly design and intuitive admin portal but differ in their features. The available tiers are:

  • Club 
  • Pro
  • Elite

For Stack Commerce we are in the process of changing our tiers to PRO for standard features or PREMIUM where we have a range of Add Ons that can be applied to the subscription on top of the standard PRO features. Our final offer will be an ENTERPRISE tier, available by quote, where we provide custom website creation. We will also add support packages over time.

The Website Features will show:

  • current website tier you have
    • If you wish to downgrade the website tier you have (as you don't want as many features, etc) click the contact us link and follow the prompts.
  • active add ons - these are the sections/add ons that are available for this website tier or were purchased originally by your organisation.
  • inactive add ons- these are the sections/add ons that are available for your organisation but you currently don't have enabled for your website.
    • NOTE: if you wish to have an extra add ons enabled they will incur a charge. Pricing for add ons is fixed so refer to our website or message our commerical team.