Adding and Changing Club Logos in the Header

The location of your club logos on the front end can be seen below.

The main purpose for this section is to display the club's logos for those clubs competing in your association or competition. That said this can also be used to display small sponsor logos or links to external pages as some other examples.


Log into the back end of your silver website then click on the "Site Options" menu item


Click on the "Club Logos" tab


By hovering over the image that is already there you have the EDIT and REMOVE buttons. Click the REMOVE button, then to add a new logo in, click the "Add Image" button that now appears.


Select a logo that has been previously uploaded into the media library or UPLOAD a new image from your hard drive.

NOTE: try and use an image that is close to 17 x 25 pixels in size. That way they want be distorted or take too long to load because they are too large.


Add in the logo text that you want to display next to the cub's logo. This section was intended to allow site admins to add the name of the club or sponsor

Back end

Front end


Add in the club's or sponsor's website link so users can click on it and be taken to the page.