Changing the Footer Content

Left Column

Step 1 – Click on the “footer content” tab

Step 2 – Edit the “Content Header”

Step 3 – Edit the content area to include the information that you want

NOTE: This is a small widget area and it will only be able to contain a certain amount of character. We suggest if you want to display a map that you hyperlink to your Google Location like the Bronze Template

Play, About Us, Resources

These three columns are developed to pull in a custom menu that you select. It requires you to have already created a custom menu in the MENUS section of WordPress.

Step 1 – While in the “Footer Content” tab, scroll down and view the “Footer Menu Column 1 header, 2 header etc.

Step 2 – Change the Header title to whatever you like

Step 3 – Select from one of the Custom Menus you have created in the MENUS section