Adding statistics to match centre widget

1. Follow the instructions provided in the MATCH CENTRE set up to get your competitions set up first.

2. Make sure you have noted down the statistics IDs for each of your competitions which can be found here.

3. Under the STATS CENTRE section within your match centre, click ADD STATS.

If you want more than one stat listed for the competition, you will have to repeat this process.

4. Input the name of the competition into the COMPETITION NAME section - will match that of the competition name itself or can be a shorthand version e.g Div 1 Assists Leaders etc.

5. Input the STATS COMPETITION ID for the relevant statistic- this will match that of the SPORTSTG COMPETITION ID for the competition.

6. Input the COMPETITION STAT name.

7. Select whether you want the club name to be listed for the person or the team name - most use the team name.

8. Repeat for any other stats under any other competitions you need this for.

9. Once done, click UPDATE at the top of the webpage.