Changing the Major Sponsor and Partner logos

The location of the Major Sponsor and Partners logos can be seen here on the front end.


Click on the "Site options" link from the dashboard.


Click on the "Major Sponsor and Partners" tab.


The Major Sponsor image/logo will remain fixed next to the remaining partner logos that rotate.

By hovering over the Major Sponsor image, you have the option to edit or remove the image. Click remove and add a new image from either your media library or upload a new image.

NOTE: Please use images/logos that are 200 x 100 pixels to keep the logos from distorting and also so they appear in line with each other's height.


Add in a partner link so users can click the image and be taken to the Major sponsor's or partner's website.

Repeat the same steps for the remaining partner logos.

NOTE: To remove partner logos, hover over the right hand side of the partner logo's section in the back end and click "Remove" and "Confirm"