Setting Up Forms

Forms allow you to create a custom form for specific things you want people to sign up for etc. This is mainly used for a contact page or something similar, however you can create a form for anything.

NOTE: This add on has to be enabled for your organisation. To check if this is available for your website, check your GameDay Dashboard.

1. Hover over CONTENT and click on FORMS.

This will take you to the forms page.

2. Click ADD NEW.

3. Input a form title and description and click CREATE FORM.

The form set up allows you to create the form as you please. The options to use within these forms can be found on the right hand side of the editor.

4. Drag and drop the relevant fields from the right hand side onto the page.

5. Once happy, click SAVE FORM in the top right hand corner.

If your form is requiring people to input contact information, you can check these entries via the form listing itself and clicking on ENTRIES.