Header - Club Ribbon - Add On

The Club Ribbon displays at the top of your website, beneath the Promo Ribbon, but above the header and main menu. It can be used to display logos of clubs within your sport's association. 

Once you are logged into your website, scroll down to the Header section. Select this section to expand it.

Select the Club Ribbon tab to access the club ribbon settings

Show Club Ribbon

Toggle the switch to Show to display the club ribbon. 

Adding Club Logos to the Club Ribbon

Click the Add Club button to add a new club logo. 

A box will display to insert the club's logo image, label (club name) and link (club name text will link to this site)

Click the Add Club Logo button to add the logo to the Club Ribbon

To add another club, hover over the new item you have added to add another line or remove a line

Scroll up and click the Update button to save any changes and publish them to your website.