Changing the display and colours on an event form or landing page?

Admins have the ability to edit the colours and logo that appear on the event landing page as well as the event registration form to suit that of their organisation.

NOTE: changing the colour/logos of the event landing page and form cannot be customised for each event, these changes will apply to all event landing pages and event registration forms.

1. Within the MANAGE EVENTS section click on EVENT DISPLAY TEMPLATE.

2. If you would like a logo or picture as the EVENT BACKGROUND IMAGE that will display on the event landing page and event registration form, you can upload a logo here, just click CHOOSE IMAGE.

Image size of 1920px x 1080px in jpeg or png format is recommended.

You can leave this blank if you do not wish to use an image as the background - this will just display it as a white background.

NOTE: When adjusting the colours, the right hand side will display where these colours appear on the landing pages and form.

3. Select the colours you would like for the buttons and background for the EVENT LANDING & FORM VIEW SETTINGS.

4. Select the colours you would like to have as the header, menu and progress bar. To view how the colours will display, change the view to FORM VIEW.

5. If you would like to see how these colours will look if viewing the form and landing page on a mobile, change the Event Display Template view to the MOBILE VIEW.

To see how these colours and image look on the event landing page and event registration form, click here (insert subdomain etc view link).