Step 5: Publish

After completing Step 4: Messaging and Notification, admins now decide when this form will go active and the links that entrants use to register.

1. Click on PUBLISH.

2. Input a name for the  SUB DOMAIN LINK (aka the landing page/home page for the event) refers to the name you want to show for the event link. The sub domain can be the name of the actual event or something else.

If the event will only be used once, you can just name the sub domain the event name- doesn't have to be the event name, it can be whatever you choose.

If the event will be used more than once (annually etc), you can name the event something specific (e.g Charity Run 2020) but then set the sub domain to be just the event name itself (e.g charityrun) so that way you can use the same form and have the same sub domain every year- just adjust the products and dates.

Once you have input the the sub domain for the event, the FORM LINK (the entrants will use to register) will adjust to include that subdomain when you save.

Once a sub domain has been used for one event, it cannot be used for another event. Each event needs a unique sub domain name- it will return an error message to notify you of this. If you want to use the sub domain of an event in the past for an upcoming event you will need to edit that specific event to the new dates and products.

3.  Change the FORM STATUS to ACTIVE.

4. Input an ACTIVATION START and END DATE for the form (e.g when you want the form to go live and finish).

The FORM LINK will automatically create when you save the form.

To see an example of how the subdomain link looks on the landing page of a form please click here.