Step 4: Creating a Registration Success Message

Once you have completed Step 3: Add questions, admins can create a successful registration message for the event form. This will be slightly different to the message on your general registration form, it will be best to customise it related to the event itself.


2. Input a subject line for the successful registration message - one will already be defaulted, feel free to change this.

3. Input information for the message.

There is no specific wording needed here, you can put whatever you want to in the message - but make sure it relates to the event. An example is here:

You will see a checkbox within this section, where you can choose whether or not you want to send the registration success email to members or not. Tick the box if you wish to send this email to members upon successful registration. Unticking this box means that members will not receive a successful registration email after completing registration.

If you wish to add a form welcome or confirmation message, please click here on how to do this.


The information in the ticket and Payment Receipt Email will be hardcoded and cannot be customised, however the information will be pre-filled out with the information related to the registration and products purchased.

This is defaulted to generate when an entrant registers so if you wish.

The ticket aspect of the registration will have information related to that specific product purchased and it will have it's own unique QR code that admins can scan this for the member at the event upon entry. If an entrant purchases more than one product each ticket will have it's own unique QR code. 

The entrant can view this QR code within the GameDay app and admins have the ability to scan these codes within the app as well.

Move onto Step 5: Publish.