Release Notes: 23 May 2018

The following items have been released:

New Features:


- Refunds: Ability for administrators to refund an order from any level, including partial refunds [Article: How do I refund an order?]

- Member List: Added a new Member List view to show a single row per unique member [Article: Changes To The Display Of Member Lists]

- Member Details Screen: Changes to the display of member details screen to show a single view of a human record, with their organisation relationships. [Article: Changes To The Display Of Members]

- Registration Form: viewing a registration form will default to the Account Login screen

Resolved Issues:


- Fixed a bug related to the display of historical team names

- Fixed a bug relating to records created by inactive administrators

- Fixed some issues on the web portal including an issue where the final score of 0 was not appearing on the schedule page

- Fixed the display of Team Name & Team Abbreviated Name in TG Platform & Web Portal