How do I refund an order?

Hover over My Organisation and select Finances.

Select the Orders tab.

Click on the order number you wish to refund. This will open the order.

NOTE:  an order must have a status of Paid to be refunded.

NOTE:  refunds can only be done if the order was placed in the past 30 days or the number of days set in the straight refund period.

Click Issue Refund. The Issue Refund button is only active if the order was placed in the past 30 days or the number of days set in the straight refund period. 

To find out how to see the straight refund period, see How can I tell what the straight refund period is?

A popup opens asking you to confirm if you want to proceed with the refund.  Click Yes.

You can do a full or partial refund. Select the option from the drop down.

If you select Partial Refund, a field will appear next to the Partial Refund box.  Enter the amount you want to refund. 

If you select Full Refund, the full amount of the order will be refunded. 

If you also want to cancel the member's membership, select YES from the drop down, otherwise, select NO.

NOTE: if the member has no other active memberships after the cancellation, their member record will also be inactive.

You can enter a reason for refund.  This will appear on the Order details page. 

If the details are correct, click Confirm.

Click Confirm & Issue Refund.

You get a confirmation that the refund has been successful.  Click Done.

If you selected Yes to Cancel Membership, the memberships associated with the refunded payment will appear as inactive on the History tab of the Member Details page.

If the original order included fees from multiple organisations, the refund amount will be proportionately split between those organisations based on the amounts received by each organisation. The refund transaction will be included in the next settlement for each organisation as a negative amount. 

Example: An order consisted of National fee of $25, State fee of $25 and Club fee of $50 totaling $100. If $10 is refunded for that order (10%), $2.5 will come off National Organisation's next settlement, $2.5 will come off State Organisation's next settlement and $5 will come off Club Organisation's next settlement.