Event Entry FAQ's

What is the difference between an event entry event and a ticketing event?

Event Entry events allows configuration of additional event features such as Event Participant IDs & Sub Events + more features to come in future, whereas ticketing events are your basic events that only require registration and fees.

Why can event ids only be added to event entry events and not ticketing events?

Event Participant IDs are a feature of Event Entry events as it aligns to requirements for these type of events (ie where Bib Numbers are generated for participation).

What type of events would a sub entry event be used for?

Sub entry events are mainly used for athletics events, major events with entry into certain sections, fun runs with different running lengths, marathons etc.

For example: Sub-Events can be used to separate entry into different types of events as part of a parent Event (for example a 5km and 10km fun run can be two sub-events of a main running festival event).

Is there a limit on how many sub events you can create?

No, there is no maximum number of sub events you can create within an event entry event.