Event Entry ticket/pass

When setting up events within Step 4: Messaging and Notifications, admins have the ability to choose whether or not a ticket and/or event entry pass is generated for entrants once registered.

These have information related to the event as well as a QR code that admins can use to scan entrants in on the event day.

These are automatically set to generate however if you don't wish to have the ticket or entry pass generated for entrants then you can untick this box.

If your event has been set up as ticketing event you will only see the event ticket displayed and if you created the event as a event entry event (sub events and no sub events) then you will have an event ticket displayed as well as an event pass displayed.

Entrants will receive the following once registered where they can present this to be scanned on the day of the event, or they can access these passes/tickets via the Gameday app. Entrants will recieve one pass/ticket per product purchased - not all products purchased may need to be scanned on the day, it may just be the entry fee etc which is then recorded against your record within the event to prove you attended the event.