Event Participant ID FAQ's

Can event participant IDs be used for ticketing events?

No. Event Participant IDs is a feature of Event Entry events as it aligns to requirements for these type of events (ie where Bib Numbers are generated for participation), as ticketing events do not require this type of requirement.

Can I have more than one active event participant ID rule?

Yes, if you want to have multiple event participant ID rules active you can. As each rule is used for an event entry product rather than an event in itself you can have many listed and used for different events/products.

Can I use more than one participant ID rule for an event?

Yes. As the participant IDs are based on event products rather than the event itself, if you have one event that requires entrants to have different IDs, as long as you set up these rules for each of the products for the event, then those entrants will have the relevant ID generated.

E.g if you are running a marathon event, that has a 5km and 10km run and you want those that run in the 5km event to have a certain range of IDs generated (e.g 1000-3000), then you can create this 5km event entry product with that specific 5km event participant ID rule, then have those that participate in the 10km run to have another range of IDs generated (e.g 7000-9000), you create a 10km event entry product with that specific 10km event participant ID rule. Add both of these products to your event and these members will have the specific IDs generated.

What type of participant IDs can be used for entrants?

Admins can use event participant ID rules or member IDs when creating an event. These ID functionalities need to be enabled for your organisation in order for them to be used. 

If you are part of a national sporting body please speak to them directly as they need to approve these configurations to be enabled for your organisation. If you are a private provider (not within a national sport), please contact the support team who can enable these configurations for you.

Can I use participant IDs for sub events?

No. Event participant IDs can only be used for events that have no sub events.

Can I report on event participant IDs?

Yes, these participant IDs can be viewed when running the event participant and event transaction reports.