How do I grant someone admin access to another organisation in my heirarchy?

If you are an admin for an organisation at national, state or association/league level, you have the ability to grant any user access to a specific organisation or multiple organisations within your heirarchy.

1. Log into the portal with the highest level of access you have.

2. Hover over my organisation and click My Heirarchy.

3. Search the organisation the user needs access to via the search bar.

4. Click the name of the organisation, which will take you to the generic overview page of the organisation.

5. Click contacts.

6. Click create contact.

7. To grant admin access follow the steps outlined in granting a member access to your organisation.

8. Repeat the above for any other organisations the user needs access to. 

NOTE: if the user has access to multiple organisations, then these will displayed on the initial home page after logging in. If the user already has access to another organisation, they will receive a confirmation email confirming they have been enabled as a user but won't need to set a password for these extra organisations - they will be able to log in and view these organisations within their original admin access log in details.