How do I give permissions to organisations to create new forms?

As an administrator, you have the ability to give permission for organisations below you to create new forms. 

Hover over My Organisation and select My Hierarchy.

Click the Permissions tab.

If you can't see the Forms Create column, click the Table Settings icon.  

Scroll down until you find Forms - Create and tick the box next to it.  Click Apply.

This adds the column to the permissions view so you can see if the box is ticked or not for organisation concerned.

Tick the box at the beginning of the line for each organisation you want to prevent creating forms.

NOTE:  if Forms - Create is not ticked, the organisation does not have permission to create forms.

Click Mass Update Selected Rows.

NOTE:  this process is the same for 1 organisation or many.

A box opens.  Scroll down to Forms - Create and tick the box.

Click Apply.

The selected organisations will now see the Create Forms button and can create their own forms.

To remove the permission, tick the box next to the organisation(s).  Click Mass Update Selected Rows.

When the box opens, scroll down to Forms - Create.

Tick, then untick the box.  When you do this, there will be a blue box around the check box.

Click Apply.

The permission have now been removed.