As of WordPress 5.0’s release on December 6, 2018, WordPress has a new default content editor. Called the WordPress Gutenberg editor while in development, “Gutenberg” is now just the “WordPress editor” or “block editor” if you want to be more specific.

Before hitting the panic button, it is important to know that this update is mainly cosmetic rather than having a great deal of functional impacts on how you create your default news and pages. There are subtle functionality changes which will be covered in this article but it is mainly about learning where the commonly used features have been moved to in the interface. Furthermore, the update really only effects the way content is created within the visual editor areas such as adding a news article or building a page. It doesn't effect how your Silver and Bronze websites require you to configure sponsor images, countdown clocks and other unique homepage panels that are specific to our Silver and Bronze template sites.

NOTE: For the near future, We have kept all Silver and Bronze sites using the Classic WordPress editor through the use of a the Classic Editor plugin released by WordPress. WordPress have announced that this plugin will not be supported beyond 2020 which is why familiarising yourself and reading the following articles is important.

OLD (classic Editor)

New GutenBurg Editor