Pending Registration Set Up: One form, selected member types

This type of set up will be where the organisation chooses to use only one form to register all their members but they would like only some members, depending on the member type selected, to be set to pending so admins can approve them. 

1. Log into your organisation.

2. Go to Products & Forms.

3. Click Create New Form.

4. Input the name of the registration form.

5. Under the Basic Settings tab, set the ''exclude pending registrations for this form?'' to ''NO'' - however this should already be automatically defaulted to this option.

6. Add the relevant member types needed for this form - add both those including and excluded from pending.

7. You will see that these member types will have a click button with the option to ''exclude from pending''. As we only want one of these member types to use pending registrations, we will leave one of them greyed out, while the other will be switched to green.

NOTE: The greyed out button means that these members types will be set to pending once a member registers.

NOTE: The green button means that this member type will not be set to pending and once a member registers they will automatically appears as active and registered in the member list.

For example, using the above member types as an example, we would like only players and officials to be set to pending so an admin can manually approve them and as these member types are greyed out, this means that these member types are set to pending and anyone who registers as a player/official will appear in the pending tab within the member list waiting for approval. As the coach member type is set to green, this means that it will be excluded from pending and anyone who registers as a coach will appear as active and financial in the member list automatically.

8. Select what organisations the form is available to.

9. Complete the rest of the registration form set up including, products and questions.

Note: in relation to the products section be sure that these products have the same member types as your form does.