How do I pay for a product offline?

NOTE: if you are an admin, the product members are able to pay offline must have the payment option set to ''Payment Gateway or Manually set Product as Paid''. 

If you are a user and do not have the ability to pay offline, contact your organisation directly to get this sorted.

1. Open the registration form.

2. Follow all the prompts and fill in all the registration form information.

3. At the summary page, review the products selected, then click proceed to payment.

4. Before proceeding you will be required to confirm if you want to continue, as once you proceed to payment you cannot go back and change any information or products. Click yes, proceed.

5. After the payment page has loaded, as you want to pay for this product offline, exit out of this web browser. You will get a warning message confirming if you want to do this, click leave to exit the browser.

This registration will now have been processed as an unpaid registration. Contact your organisation directly to pay for this product- they will be able to manually mark this order as paid.