How do I view my organisations heirarchy?

If you are at National, State or League/Association level, you will have a heirarchy of organisations below you. You can view this heirarchy as a diagram or list of organisations.

1. Click the arrow against My Organisation and select My Heirarchy.

2. The Organisations tab shows the list of all the organisations that belong in your heirarchy.

2a. The organisations tab allows you to filter by the specific type of organisation; national, state, association, club. 

Use the filter to search for specific organisations.

NOTE: you can also create a new organisation from this page, just click create new organisation.

3. Click the Heirarchy View tab. This shows a diagram of your heirarchy.

4. This page will default to showing you the organisation/s above you as well as your organisation. 

4a. By clicking on the circle of the organisation, this will branch out the next level of organisations. Depending on the structure and level of your organisation, continue to click on the circles at each level to open another branch of organisations.

4b. By clicking on the name of one of your organisations, it will take you to an information page about that organisation:

  • a generic overview of the organisation with contact details and the organisation address.
  • any admins/contacts for that organisation.
  • any sub oganisations that fall under that sub organisations (associations or clubs).
  • view members and products.
  • you can see, view and copy the registration form that this organisation uses.
  • you can also log into this organisation from this screen.

5. You also have the ability to view this diagram either vertically or horizontally. Select which view you prefer.

NOTE: You will only be able to view the organisations BELOW you, so if you are a club, you will have no other organisations within your heirarchy.