How do I view pending member profiles?

If you are wanting to view the member profile of a member who is currently pending to see generic information or the products they have paid for you can do this via accessing their profile within the pending members tab.

1. Click the drop down arrow against Memberships and then select Members.

2. Click into the Pending tab.

3. To view the member profile click View next to the members name.

4. It will take you to the profile of this member while they wait for approval.

Things to note on the profile that this point in time (before approve/decline):

Financial status: Depending what level of products a member purchased when registering the financial status will update accordindly. In this example you will see this member has paid for only a national level product so only the national level will be financial.

Member status: as this member is still pending (has not been approved/denied yet) the members status will appear as pending approval until the admin approves or denies this registration

Registrations: although a member pay have paid for products within the registration form, the product itself will be set to pending approved until the admin approves/denies their registration.